About Us

Welcome to a space that has been carefully designed down to the last detail to offer you a more comfortable, sophisticated and memorable experience, the time of your life! At LethesHome Apartments, in the city of Porto, you can now enjoy all our products yourself, making your stay an inspirational one.

This is the latest venture of Vianatece, a productive enterprise created in 1985, in Viana do Castelo. With a focus on the quality of our products, LethesHome began in 2004 and has become a market reference in home-textiles and decorative accessories. Our hallmark of quality is the perfect symbiosis between the contemporary and urban nature of our products. They are of a genuine quality, thanks to their creation on the country’s most traditional looms.

LethesHome is passionate about modernity, but it also always tries to encourage secular traditions, art and ethnographic and artistic popular culture.

LethesHome Apartments are spaces decorated in a way that means you can enjoy each object, getting to know them and seeing their quality for yourself in a familiar and welcoming environment. You’ll feel intrigued to visit our shop, located on the ground floor of the building, to see the vast range of products that we’ve created with you in mind, taking advantage of our guest card.

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